Operating since 2002 in Poland, the Ronald McDonald Foundation changed the standards of many Polish hospitals, helped specific children, parents and communities.

All activities of the Foundation focus on the prevention and early oncological diagnostics of the youngest and the improvement of the conditions of children and parents during hospital treatment. The philosophy of care focused on the whole family finds its best implementation under the roof of the Ronald McDonald House.

“So that the family can be together” is the most important element of each of the Foundation’s programs. With the family in mind, in June 2021 in Warsaw, a second Home in Poland was opened, supporting the Pediatric Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw. Both houses – in Krakow and Warsaw – are free.

For the family accompanying the sick child during treatment, there are also Ronald McDonald’s Family Rooms, which the Foundation runs in pediatric hospitals, creating as close to the child as possible home conditions for mom and dad. The “Beds for parents” program is gradually changing the standard of subsequent children’s departments in Łódź, Koszalin, Białystok, Gdańsk, Suwałki and Kępno.

As part of oncological prophylaxis, since 2005 a nationwide program of free prophylactic ultrasound examinations for children aged 9 months to 6 years has been carried out. Research under the “NO to cancer in children” program is safe, painless and free; they are performed by professional radiologists. So far, over 73,000 children have been examined in over 200 towns in Poland.

The organizer of GWSC is Piotr Biankowski, Friend and Ambassador of the Foundation, who crossed the English Channel in July last year. Thanks to his great commitment, the Foundation regularly raises funds for programs that help children and parents during long hospital stays. Ronald McDonald’s homes, family rooms in hospitals, but also beds for mom and dad in the hospital room.

Everyone will know about our 1% target in 2022 – we will buy and replace hundreds of beds together! Who swims helps – 1% finances a bed for a parent! Ronald McDonald Foundation National Court Register: 0000 10 54 50.

We invite you to cheer the ice swimmers in Gdynia!